LeeV_bikeradarIn 1999, Lee Vaccaro faced a dilemma. His first company, Brainchild Computer Distributions, had posted nearly $8 million in sales. But Vaccaro realized the consumers who were buying computers in his stores would soon use those systems for online purchases.

Instead of waiting to see how the landscape of online shopping would develop, Vaccaro closed the doors of his retail stores and developed one of the first successful models of e-commerce. Even then, Vaccaro saw something other internet startups were missing—-the human touch.

BCD 2000 offered two features unique at the time: a rolling telephone network and online chat in real time with support. These innovations enabled consumers to make the leap from browsing in aisles to purchasing online, as featured in a report by Smallbusinesscomputing.com.

But he didn’t stop there-—Vaccaro understood the broader relevance of his business model. He applied for patents on the rolling telephone system while licensing his “e-company in a box” model to other retail outlets.

Vaccaro applies this spirit of innovation to each of the companies under his leadership. When he partnered with inventor Paul Lew, Vaccaro found a consumer application for defense department technology. Lew Racing, Inc. provided the USA Olympic Cycling Team with the lightest and most durable wheels ever produced.

Ecompany Solutions, where Vaccaro is a managing partner, provides online marketing to a steadily growing number of clients. The company’s case studiesillustrate their approach to aggressive search engine optimization through link building, social media, and content writing.

In 2009, Vaccaro joined Eagency who developed the groundbreaking My Mobile Watchdog application. The parental control product allows consumers to monitor all mobile phone activity including texts, photos, app installation, and call logs. Use of the product has led to 308 arrests of first-time sexual predators.